Jul, 2014

Should you implement Bring Your Own Device to Work at your business?

There is a lot to consider when you allow your employees to bring their own devices to work and use them on your network or even on your wifi.   So we thought we’d start a series to talk about it because it’s inevitable that your employees will use their devices at work.

Let talk first about a policy in your business for devices.

Do you want your employees to use certain devices from an approved list?  Do you want to provide those devices?  Do you also want to have an approved list of applications that employees can use at work?

“ Who pays for these devices? For smartphones, 70% paid the full price, 12% got a discount, 3%paid a partial amount, and in 15% of cases, the company covered the full price. With tablets, 58% bought their own, 17% got a corporate discount, 7% shared the cost, and 18% were issued and paid for by their companies. (Source: Forrester, 2011)

There are a couple of ways to answer these questions.  The more you restrict the use of devices and applications, the more secure your networks and wifi are.  Restricting the use of devices and apps will also restrict the employee in getting their work done.  Everyone has a smart phone, and everyone is used to use them for everything.  To not use it at work, will cause some resistance.  Some saavy users will find a work around and use the device anyway.  Others will not want to work for you.

Bring your own device to work, tablet and cellphone

Cellphone and tablet usage

Lets suppose you have decided that you will allow your staff to bring and use their own devices.  So, now what to do?

Here’s what we suggest:

Find out what devices your employees are using.  Decide which ones will be compatible with your corporate network and restrict those that are not, making sure that the majority of devices are supported.

Decide how much corporate data employees can see on a smart phone or tablet.  Is it just email?  Or is it email and some software that is necessary to do their job?

Make sure that your employees know that you will be collecting information from their devices on what they are doing, but also ensure that you will NOT be collecting their personal information.

Educate your staff on security issues and make sure that they have the proper security needed on their device to protect both your corporate data and their device.  Security can include strong passwords, mal-ware and anti-virus, encryption and cloud back up.

You’re going to need the support of your IT department to achieve all of the above.   If you don’t have an IT department or your department is just one person, talking with us might be a viable option for your business.   We offer Fortune 500 IT services to local businesses at an affordable monthly cost.  Our work is all you can eat for just one price each month.  We’d love to help you become a BYOD to work business and keep you safe and secure at the same time.  Contact: sales@bocotek.com   505.237.0528