Aug, 2016

Pokemon Go is all the rage and tons of people are running around snapping shots of the pokemons they have found.  Did you know you can market your business in conjunction with Pokemon Go?  You can purchase a lure module and bring them in!  There are other free ways to market your business as well.

First you should play Pokemon Go to find out if there are some lurking around your business or on the same block.  You might find a PokeStop or a Pokemon Gym.   A Stop is where you can definitely catch a Pokemon and a Gym is where a team of players work together and fight another team to “own” the location.

Currently there is no way to ensure that your business is a Stop or a Gym, but they have gotten a lot of requests to included that option.  Here’s a link where you can request that your business become a Stop or Gym.  There are no assurances that it will.  Here’s the link:  Nianticlabs Request Form.

So here are some ideas of how to lure these players in, both outside the game and within.

download (1)Lure in Pokemon Go Players

 1.  Signage.    Coffee shop or restaurant?    Put up a sign that says, Pokemon Go Players, don’t hunt on an empty stomach….. or “Pokemon Go Players stop here to quench their thirst while hunting.   Especially if you know there is a Stop near by.

2.  Discounts.  Got a PokeStop near you?  Give everyone that shows you their captured Pokemon a discount or free item.  If you’re lucky, you’ll have a Gym near you and you can give the winning team a free item or discount.  Don’t worry about keeping up on who’s on top, the players will let you know, and of course they have their phones to show you.

3.  Get in The Game!  Host a Pokemon Go Hunt.   The hunt starts and ends at your business.  As people gather, offer up free drinks or refreshments.   Then take your customers on a hunt around your neighborhood.   Of course the hunt ends your place with an after party with discounts.  You can arrange hunts by age or by interest.  How fun would this be to do with a bike shop and people hunting on bikes?

4.  Get in The Game Part Two! Lure Modules.  Anyone – businesses included- can purchase a lure module for just a few dollars.   What this does is for the next 30 minutes, Pokemons will be “lured” to the closest PokeStop to you.  Put it out on social media when you’ll be luring them and give anyone with a snap of the one they found, a discount or free item.  You can do it during typically slow times or you can let your customers know in advance, that you’ll do it every Tuesday at 3pm.

Get creative, have fun!  Use the technology for your business.  Don’t forget to share all your marketing messages on social media so that you get the most out of your marketing efforts.



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