Sep, 2014

Dropbox, BaseCamp, Office 365,  Evernote, HootSuite, CardMunch, and the list goes on.  There are an unlimited amount of cloud apps that people bring with them with their devices into your business.  The challenge to IT professionals is managing apps in a BYOA world  (Bring Your Own App). The problem is keeping your data secure while still allowing employees to use the apps they prefer.

The average employee brings with them not just 1 or 2 apps on their various devices, but an average of 21!  How does an IT professional wrap their head around which employee has what app on which device?   Is that app useful to productivity?   Is it secure on the business’ network?   Can you block it or approve it or encourage other employees to use it if it’s in the cloud?  Just how does the IT department go about managing apps?


downloadIn walks AppGuru, a new product from one of Bocotek’s trusted sources, LogMeIn.   AppGuru allows your IT department to discover, secure and manage employee introduced apps.  It can minimize the risk of BYOA on your business network.

“For our small and medium-sized business  IT customer base, ‘shadow IT’ and BYOA are forcing them to rethink the ways they approach device, application and data management. When you consider the fact that the majority of cloud apps are being used without the knowledge of IT, we see this trend as one of the most significant challenges facing IT today,” LogMeIn CEO Michael Simon said in a prepared statement.  “Our goal with AppGuru is to give our IT customers complete visibility into and control over their environment in ways that embrace the inherent realities of employee-introduced technology.”

AppGuru gives the IT department the visibility to see the apps that are entering the network and starts a conversation about whether the app should be approved, blocked, or adopted by more employees.   It helps your IT to work with the other employees rather than just blocking everything.  It’s an opportunity that didn’t exist before and can make your business more productive.

Finger pointing on tablet pc, social media conceptThe apps that are blocked are only blocked while using your network.  Once they leave work or use their own wifi hotspot, the apps work as they did before.   You can have your team block apps like Netflix, games, etc.   But you can also improve employee productivity by managing and not blocking the apps they prefer to use for business purposes.  Allowing more options for them to get work done.  And with AppGuru, you can do it quicker.  With the ability to see what apps are showing up, IT can check security and approve or disapprove the app quicker.  Making managing apps easier for IT and faster for your employees.

While we have focused on AppGuru here in this blog, there are other similar solutions like Skyhigh Networks and Netskope.  LogMeIn’s offering of AppGuru we feel is appropriately priced for the small business level at a cost of $29 per user per year.   And what  is nice about this price is it’s not per device.  One user could have 10 devices and it would still be just $29 a year.

AppGuru is something that Bocotek will be carrying and offering our customers.  If you’d like to learn more about managing apps or have a free consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact us – 505.237.0528.

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