Oct, 2012

Bocotek Services : Print Management- Electronically Managing your Documents

Printer image for print management services

Document Management come in many forms. With a document management system, gone are the days of lost documents because they are all in one secure central electronic repository. Also gone are the days of wasted time because multiple people are retrieving documents from various locations and multiple file cabinets. With a document management system, the documents are immediately retrieved for the person looking for information. This not only makes them more productive for that one task, it shifts the focus from the document retrieval to solving the original issue.

Bocotek’s Document Management:

  • Audit trails showing who has accessed or updated documents
  • capture and organize all documents
  • Streamline information sharing
  • Improve compliance
  • Eliminate physical storage of thousands of pages of paper documents
  • increase productivity for your employees

If you are looking to have better control of your documents or you need to comply with Federal and State regulations we can help. We have the tools and ability to create, search, extract, and manage content, reuse data, streamline workflow and leverage information assets throughout the organization. As a best of breed integrator, our sole commitment is to develop programs and services that complement your internal resources and fit your unique requirements. We understand the importance of your workflow and production capability and work with you to ensure that your content management solution offers the highest degree of productivity, efficiency and cost savings.

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