Dec, 2016

We looked into bringing you a blog that highlighted the best of technology for 2016, but honestly we just didn’t see anything truly “new”.  What was very obvious looking back at this year, was the ways the current technology we use, was adapted and ADOPTED for more and more uses.


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For example wearables.   The most recognizable would be the Apple Watch and FitBit.  While these items weren’t new in 2016, more and more people adopted the use of wearable technology.  And wearable technology was adapted to do more things.  There are bracelets, rings and pendants that not only monitor your health, but can also send out an alert for help and showing GPS tracking so help can find you.  And the jewelry is stunning.  In some cases a pretty bauble of a glass pendant, in others, a metal leaf design.

Another technology that is getting adopted more and more is bluetooth and smart homes.  For quite some time we’ve been able to use our cellphones to run our houses, locking the doors, turning on and off lights, etc.  We’ve also used voice activated technology on our phone’s where you are talking to Siri or Google.  That technology continues to be adopted as Google Home fights for ranking with Alexa from Amazon.  In addtion to that, the technology is now being adapted to your pets.  You can put a GPS tracker on your pet, but you can also play with them and talk to them while they are home and you are at work.

Technology is adapting in other industries as well, some that may not be as well reported as today’s shiny new gadgets.   2016 saw technology being used to help make rockets reuseable,  help make your body have better immuniabilities, and refining knowledge on DNA.  And we are all holding our breath, waiting for our automobiles to drive themselves.

Where Is Technology Going in 2017?

2017 will bring more adoption and adaptation.  The more familiar and second nature our current technology becomes, the more it will be adapted for other uses, especially in business.  Think about the chips we use to pay, the readers we swipe, the adoption of cloud based computing versus saving on servers.  The “Internet of Things” promises more and more gadgets.

We briefly mentioned the autodriven cars.  You can expect in 2017 that technology will grow more intuitive and will “learn”.  Think artificial intelligence.  If you need an example, look at your phone and send a text.  Does the phone try to fill out the words for you or suggest words for you to choose?  The phone is “learning” how we speak, how you speak, and offers aid for the task at hand.  You can expect more that in 2017.

Funny robot stay with headphonesYou will see more conversational technology.  Have you called a customer service line and had a voice that sounds like a real human walk you through what you need before connecting you to a live person?  That’s conversational technology.  Another instance where technology has learned responses to the words you say.  That too will increase in 2017.

No doubt these are exciting times.  It’s fun to see some of the predictions about technology that was made in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s come to fruition.  Don’t you think your smartphone is very near a Star Trek communicator? A self driving car isn’t that much different from those we saw in Minority Report, Total Recall or Demolition Man.   Maybe we’ll be flying our cars like the Jetsons.

We already know how.   Here’s one of five cars that can fly:

Whatever comes our way in 2017, Bocotek will be there to help you decipher it all.

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