Aug, 2014

The Power of a Digital Presence

More than half of small-to-medium sized businesses don’t understand the power of a digital presence. If they do understand it, many aren’t sure how to produce or maintain it. Don’t be one of the ones left behind. Building a digital presence isn’t as complicated, time consuming or as expensive as you may believe. Bocotek starts this process by getting to know the business goals most important to you, we then tailor our services to those goals.

Web Design
At Bocotek, we pride ourselves in powerful and professional online solutions. We use a versatile web engine to support your site to ensure its usability and organization. We have an on-staff graphic artist who makes sure your site matches the feel and purpose you envisioned for it. We also offer professional body copy writing to ensure that your website includes both informative content and a beautiful look.
Included in the site are SEO measures to ensure your site gets found, and gets registered with major search engines.
You can update your own site, but why would you? Bocotek offers management packages that allows for updates and edits on your site every month.
Social Media
Social Media is a great way to connect to your customers and potential customers and start a conversation with them. Keeping up the engagement can be time consuming though.
Bocotek offers a management service program that creates the profiles on the sites, if you have not already created them. We offer content for you. That content is created by a writer getting to know you and your business personally, as well as from every day events, current events and pop culture. You have as much control as you want, approving the posts and the platforms chosen. Or you can be hands off, and have us “Just do it!”.
Included in our service are monthly “interview” phone calls to help us create your content, and quarterly meetings to ensure that we remain on track for your marketing goals.
Blogging serves several purposes for a business. One is that it can keep you top of mind to your customers, it can position you as an expert in your field and it also keeps your website content fresh for search engine optimization.
Bocotek offers a writer that will “interview” you and get to know you and your business. This allows the writer to not only write relevant copy for you, but also to “speak in your voice”. You have control over what is published before anything goes live.
Our writers know to write with keywords in mind, putting in the proper titles and meta tags, all for SEO. They can be business casual, or very technical, as needed.
Our package includes one blog a month, but more are available for purchase as needed.
Also available: Website Creation and Maintenance, Social Media Creation and Content Management.